Flooring Services & Floor Paint

The floor significantly improves the appearance of your house through complementing the theme. It can be used to give a warm and inviting look to visitors as well as to improve the level of energy efficiency in your home. Given that there are different types of floors, you need to carefully consider your options before you settle on one. If you need to change the appearance of your house, you can start with the floor. Sometimes, instead of changing the flooring materials, you may use floor paint to achieve a certain look.

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Hardwood floors 

These floors are very durable and beautiful. This type of flooring is suitable for all rooms in your house except the bathroom, laundry room and other rooms that are prone to lots of humidity and water spills. Hardwood floors are basically of two types: the solid hardwood planks and the engineered wood. With proper maintenance this floor can last for a long time. The floor is available in different styles that can be classified as simple, rustic, and sophisticated finishes.

Luxury Vinyl Floors

These floors are ideal for spaces that experience a lot of traffic since they have been built in such a way that minimises wear and tear. They are available in wooden and stone looks that are moisture resistant. The floor is easy to clean and maintain. Moisture resistance ensures that they retain their integrity for longer even when they are constantly exposed to moisture.

Rigid core flooring

These floors are known for their durability and have such qualities as dent resistance and water resistance. They can be used in places with high traffic and they will still serve the building for a long period for time. They are suitable for all rooms in the house. They are available in different looks and shades to ensure that you get the perfect colour and design for your home.

Vinyl sheet flooring

They can be used as a great alternative for people who want to achieve a natural look such as the one achieved using hardwood floors, ceramic stone and even natural stone. They are durable and offer absolute comfort. They can be used in any part of the house including the basement.

Flooring services

There are different types of flooring services including repair, installation, waxing, painting, replacement and cleaning. For the best services, you should work with an experienced and skilled company. It is prudent to carry out intensive research on the quality of work, type of floors, the fees charged, the type of maintenance services offered and the extent of maintenance required for each floor type. Compare these parameter across different service providers and select the best.